Whilst projects must meet at least one of the six LEADER priorities of:

  • Support to increase farm productivity
  • Support for micro and small businesses and farm diversification
  • Support for rural tourism
  • Provision of rural services
  • Support for cultural and heritage activity
  • Support for increasing forestry productivity

as detailed in the Applicant Handbook, they also need to meet the priorities of the Local Action Group’s Local Development Strategy.  These documents form part of the Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Local Enterprise Partnership’s Strategic Economic Plan and Growth Deal delivery framework.  They were drawn up as a result of comprehensive research amongst businesses as well as amongst the voluntary and public sectors within the Local Action Group (LAG) area.  The aim was to identify areas where support could deliver economic benefits to the LAG area through the development of a programme of activity.

Each of the four LAGs in Cornwall thus have their own priorities they wish to support.  Across Cornwall these can be summarised as:

  • Supporting growth and development in existing businesses
  • Developing opportunities for young people to have thriving careers locally
  • Town centre and village revitalisation
  • Supporting business start ups
  • Improving business productivity
  • Developing business collaborations
  • Provision of focused business support and advice
  • Making the most of local skills, knowledge and entrepreneurship
  • Enabling business activities to improve productivity, sales and jobs
  • Support to community enterprise
  • Support local solutions for climate change resilience

Check which of these are listed at the front of the LAG Applicant Handbook and explain in your application how your project delivers these.

Each year the Local Action Group reviews its priorities and produces an annual Delivery Plan detailing what it wishes to concentrate on or earmark as a low priority.  For example most of the Cornwall LAGs are giving a low priority to supporting new holiday accommodation; whilst such projects are eligible businesses will need to show extensive evidence that their project will bring in additional visitors to Cornwall.

How long will the LEADER programme run for?

 Funds are still available in all the Cornwall Local Action Groups.  However, projects must have incurred all their eligible costs and claimed for all their grant by the end of Sept 2020.